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Being a local business where a consistent flow of customers is your lifeline, chances are you've realized how traditional marketing methods are simply no longer working like they used to.

Building A List Of Customers Can
Supercharge Your Entire Business!

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I’m Dagmar and I help businesses like yours build email lists and sales campaigns that supercharge their business.

Its’ true - you can grow your business with cost effective email marketing solutions on a small budget.

Our email advertising programs are designed to reinforce local store marketing programs that target a 3-5 mile radius of your retail store. Email marketing is a proven low-cost media that increases repeat sales and brings in new customers!

Our professional design team creates your custom eye-catching email messages featuring your promotions and offerings.

We setup your database and provide ongoing data entry services to continually grow your customer and prospect database. Your messages are then distributed to both your database and our opt-in email database of local subscribers.

Your customers and prospects receive consistent and frequent exposure to your business and your offerings - and we do all the work!

Isn’t it worth 10 minutes to hear what Email Marketing can do for you?

Call me today for a brief conversation and you’ll know whether it’s a good fit for your business. My direct line is (956) 254-7456.

Dagmar Rojas
(956) 254-7456

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